We are cartels in building custom website and Professionally designed websites;we are fueled with the passion to create quality designs that are of global standards and are cost effective.

Our latest innovations include

  1. Mini E-commerce solution for small businesses i.e stores

  2. E-COMMERCE solutions for corporations

  3. Basic and college CBT WEB based Applications

  4. School Portals

  5. Hospital portals

  6. Legal Firm Portals

  7. Finance/banking System

  8. Entertainment websites

  9. Media websites

  10. Business Portfolio websites

  11. Ware housing Management design

  12. Any Custom website that suite your need

Create a Ticket

Create a ticket at the project ticketing page and give us full details including

1, The type of Design you’re willing to create in full details!

2, How soon you want to start and budgetings. The minimum amount for a portfolio website is #22,500 (with Logo graphics and Search Engine Optimization SEO) and Mini E-COMMERCE Website for #25000 (with Lit-Tech, Customization and Graphics); and how long you want your design to take prior to completion